personal training

£30 per single session (pay and train without future bookings)

£25 per session when booked in blocks of 4 or more sessions

group training

2 x sessions per week = £120 per month

3 x sessions per week = £165 per month

4 sessions per week = £210 per month

Group training is not a bootcamp or circuit class. Every client who comes in has their own personal programme, which is created after a consultation with the coach and rehab specialist (if needed), to help with their specific training aim.
This is a great option for those who need training buddies.

**All training programmes, 1:1 and group training, come with nutritional guidance and support from our certified Precision Nutrition coach**


mini savages

£4 per child, per single class or block book 10 sessions for £35

These sessions are focused on developing foundational strength in our children.
We sprint, jump, throw, push, pull and carry objects whilst learning how to train optimally and safely in a gym.

Online coaching

Online coaching is provided to suit your training needs and the time you have available to actually train whilst having coaching feedback on your lift technique via online support.

Online coaching is suited to those who struggle to get to our groups sessions but still want the high quality coaching, form checks, planning and weekly check-ins, along with support  via Trainerize, our private Facebook group and our Whatsapp group.

3 x sessions per week = £100

4 x sessions per week = £130