Making back ache your b**ch!

I'm currently sat in a cafe, eating bacon and eggs with a black coffee.......just thought I'd share that.  

I'm also sat here with serious back ache, I'm talking 'old man' back ache, the kind that makes you feel your age....and it's my fault.  

Today's Friday and on Wednesday I crushed a lower body workout, I felt great! No PBs that day but got some serious volume in and my uni-lateral work was on point (if I do say so myself). Thing is, I got in the gym a little later than usual and had a meeting in between my workout and the school run so I rushed my SMR work before and also my cool down at the end with the promise of getting on the foam roller that night, I didn't. I've also been missing my daily SMR work which I really benefit from (I ain't getting any younger). Not only that, my sleep was awful, I woke up on my belly so my back was aching before I even got out of bed.   All these little factors were causing the grumpy arse feeling I have was my fault. 

What you need to remember is that our body is a chain. If something hurts, we need to look above and below the problem. For me, I didn't prepare or cool down properly for my leg day which left my hamstrings tight, this pulls and increases tension in the lower back. I also have tension in my thoracic region so I'll get the foam roller on that too and get into the lats as well. 

The 'take home' message I want you to have is do the prep work. Foam roll, include the lax ball, do some work to fire up your CNS, include muscle activation drills and cool down at the end.

Listen to old man back here 👴

Now where's my foam roller and lax ball?