5 things I urge you to do to be happier.

To be happy is a basic right, not a privedge. So why do I see so many people being miserable and moaning on Facebook and Twitter? 'I hate Mondays!' WTF?? Some people may have seen their last Monday and would do anything to see another. If you do something over and over, every day, week after week that makes you feel like shit, then why are you doing it? As kids we wanted to be superheroes, what the f**k happened to make us settle for traffic wardens??

Here are 5 things I urge everyone to add to their routine. Not just once or now and then but every day! 

1. Take the leap 

The most common reason I see people being miserable about is there job. Unless they enjoy being miserable, they don't change because of fear. That's it, there is no other explanation. 

The harsh reality is that no one really cares that you don't like Mondays, or your boss is a dick, or you have to work overtime this weekend. They certainly won't do anything for you to change it either, that's all you. 

Find a way, change your path.  

2. Stop Chasing Money

It's always going to be faster than you. I'd rather work 16hrs a day doing something I love for less money than doing something that not only I hate, but makes me miserable for triple the money. 

Plus if you wear oversized chains, ridiculous sunglasses, carry dogs in handbags, drive a Land Rover in the city and have way too much fake tan......everyone thinks you're a dick. 

3. Train at least 3 days a week

No arguments, no excuses just get this shit done. The benefits of regular exercise and eating right are forever documented. So no excuses. Seriously, get your arse down to the gym! 

4. Meditate

No, I don't mean sit crossed legged, arms out chanting "Ummmmm".

Taking 10 minutes out each day to plan your day, organise your thoughts and accept the different emotions you'll experience pays back big! Do it!

5. Turn the vibrate function off your phone

By far the best short term fix I have ever made. Every few minutes was the annoying buzz that bored into my skull, a lot of the time coming from useless emails or nuisance calls. Turn that shit off! Set a time window when you receive work calls, anything outside of that, the phone goes on silent and the vibration mode is off. Try it for a week and feel the urge to throw your phone at the wall drift away 😌

Like I said at the start though, no one will take that leap for you. You'll get help along the way from various people, but wiping your arse stopped when you were a baby.


Time to do something about it.