Committ or Quit

The best programme written by the best coach from the best facility will do shit for your progress if you don't commit. Seems common sense, right? 

When I say 'commit', I don't just mean get the workout done and feel beasted. Commit to the lifestyle that is needed to achieve your goal. The hardest work starts when no one is watching; no one is there to ensure you don't bail out of a session too soon because you need to be somewhere else (I don't mean when you get to the gym and you're just not 'feeling it' . That's an auto-regulation issue which I'll talk about in a different blog); or possibly the toughest part, reducing calorie intake when you're in a fat loss phase. We all have a struggles (I love food, it sucks in a fat loss phase....really sucks 😉), moments of weakness and times when we have to focus more than usual. That's where the hard work really starts, the novelty starts to wear off and where most new starters start to slide back into old habits. 

If there are serious psychological issues at the root of it all, childhood experiences or emotional attachment to food...address them. A constant cycle of lose weight/gain weight is probable in that circumstance and will do more harm than good to your psychological and physiological state. 

I digress a little but the point I want to get across is that making a fitness goal whether it's fat loss, muscle gain, increased strength etc. treat it like buying a puppy. It takes planning, organisation and total dedication. A healthy lifestyle's for life, not just after Christmas.  

Trainers and coaches find it very difficult to save damsels who won't give up their distress.