Why 'Ass to Grass' isn't the be all and end all.

The squat, one of the big 3 movements everyone should be including in their programme, especially if you're Just starting out or you're a comeback kid. What looks like a simple exercise, however, can lead to a lot of problems if the correct cues aren't given. Having someone scream and woo hoo you into going ass to grass for every rep with added weight is seriously going to mess you up if you don't have the sufficient mobility or hip strength to get you there. Don't feel downhearted thinking its a strength problem, it could be a mobility issue. It could also be something that you have absolutely no control over: the position of where the head of the femur sits into the acetabulum (hip socket) could mean that all the foam rolling and mobility drills in the world ain't getting that ass any lower. You can't loosen up or bend bone.  Instead you can change your starting position. Not all squats are created equal, you could argue that the perfect squat doesn't even exist. If it's safely performed and the correct cues are followed From your PT/coach (hip hinge, neutral spine allignment, knees pushing outwards to name a few) then you will reap the benefits of the almighty squat. 

As always, comment below about your squat tips/experience or if you want any 1-1 advice, feel free to drop me an email 👊