Why I Hate Running!

It's boring. That's it, blog over. 

Ok, ok. I'll tell you why. 

'Cardio'. We've all heard it and understand that it should be included in our programme. To most people, this means running; cycling or using the cross trainer over long periods of time at a steady state. Some love that: personally, it's my hell. It does little or nothing for muscle mass and it's just so damn lonnnng!

HIIT (high intensity interval training) rules all IMO. We've all heard of it and probably used it in workouts (whether correctly or not). 

How you use it (or misuse it) can either really amp up your progress or leave you feeling you had more in the tank. Ratios of work:rest vary depending on fitness. 1:1 eg 30s work, 30s rest is perfect for anyone starting out or re-introducing themselves to training to build stamina and endurance. 

When you start getting fitter (that feeling of having a lot more in the tank at the end of the work period), lengthen the work time, shorten the rest. 10 rounds of 2:1 or 3:1 will leave you toasted and will pay out big on those fat loss goals. The drills you do can be endless: kettle bells, battle ropes, calisthenics, it goes on and on. 

Not sure how to start? Bootcamps and similar classes are all over the place now, find a good one and be consistent. 

I'm not saying don't run. I'm just saying don't run if you don't enjoy it or expect huge gains from it. 

Did I mention I hate it?