The Importance of Accountability

In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently." Tony Robbins

We've all met someone who declared they will be a huge success, famous and earning a ton of money when they 'grow up'.  When you ask how they will achieve this, the answer is rarely a detailed plan that covers each phase of the process and what possible pitfalls there may be, it's more like ''ll be a singer'. A little flippant, I know but you get my point. Success doesn't come by chance and the perfect plan amounts to nothing if you're not prepared to follow it through.
I used to really take it personally when a client would contact me after a week or two of training and say things like, "I'm not feeling any better and haven't lost any weight" or "I've been training 'x' number of weeks and I haven't set a personal best since week 1" or what I call 'non-emergency emergencies' (last minute reasons that they can't attend e.g. "I've had a long day") , I'm sure other trainers or coaches have heard it before.  What I did though was spend hours and hours trying to put my finger on why they weren't getting the results. The programme that they would be following was covering everything that was picked up on assessment, I was giving regular calls or emails to see how they were doing with the nutrition side of it, their callorie and macro allowance was set to promote the adaptation to the individual goal. Something was just not right.
My next step was to ask them to send me a log of what they did over the last 3 days. I find this realistically easy to do with any client. When I got this information back I would see things like, 'skipped breakfast so had a huge lunch to make up for it' or 'only did part of a workout as I ran out of time'.  I couldn't believe that I was being asked why their plan wasn't working when it turns out they weren't even following the thing! I get most people in the gym twice a week, sometimes only once though. For that session I am totally accountable. I write the programme, I make changes when needed, I make the calls on whether to push hard or ease back during a workout.
Outside of the gym however, it's all you!
You decide what you eat, you decide whether you're going to do workouts I write for you to do on your own, you decide what you'll be doing at the weekend.  It is because of this that I make the decision that if I feel a client isn't showing signs that they are fully committed to the cause, I ask them to train somewhere else. I admit that not all situations are the same and we may have to do some real support work to uncover certain issues, but I think we can all tell when someone is bullsh***ing. If you put in half-arsed efforts, expect half-arsed results.......and get those half-arsed results from someone else, not from me.  
That goes for all walks of life, not just training. Name me one successful person who only tried a little bit to be successful, who didn't sacrifice anything at all to get to where they were/still are.  You won't get far.

Be accountable for what you do outside of the gym. It's ok to mess up, everyone does. It's not ok to look at others for excuses and kid yourself you did everything when you didn't.
People can tell.