Honesty in 'Fitness' is Dead!

....and I 100% mean this.  Think I'm kidding?  Go to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and count how many people are telling you they live the perfect life; how many 'death by selfies' superfood pics do you see? How many memes do you read telling you to 'Train till it Hurts' (the single most dumbest thing I've heard btw) 
I'm gonna put myself out on a limb here and say that around 90% of these 'inspirational' posts or people who portray the perfect life make you feel like shit! Because they're not inspirational!  
You ask yourself, "I wish I had the commitment to only drink wheatgrass smoothies, eat quinoa salads and spend 6hrs in the gym every day!" The truth is most people don't, including the ones who say they do. 

If social media was more honest, there would be posts of people smashing a fistful of chocolate digestives because they had a shitty day (that was me); scooping out lemon curd with their finger, straight from the jar because it's f###in delicious (that was me too).

The REAL truth is that we are human. 
I accept that once or twice a week I'm going to make decisions that I know I shouldn't, and I also know that the guys I train will make similar decisions. So I don't judge. We get our shit together and we get back on the road.

The things I value most in any person is honesty and integrity, two (of many) things that I inherited from my dad and am eternally grateful for and why I feel 100% comfortable in telling people how it is really going to be.

You are going to have setbacks, they're inevitable.  You want to lose the weight that you put on over the last 12-18 months? Then to do it in a sustainable way, expect it to take 12-18 months to lose it and keep it off. Will that be all pictures of green shakes and sweaty smiling faces? At first, maybe, but when the novelty wears off there will be low, shitty days too. Setbacks are inevitable, log it in a journal, reflect, deal with it and move on.

The takeaway of this, is not to fall into the obsession of comparing and trying to look like someone else on a social media post....who may have been photo shopped anyway.
It is not easy, it takes time, a shit ton of effort, commitment and persistence.